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    NariaMU PvP | S6Ep3 | x75 Exp | 40% Drop | Non-Reset| No Webshop | GRAND OPEN 10.03



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    NariaMU PvP | S6Ep3 | x75 Exp | 40% Drop | Non-Reset| No Webshop | GRAND OPEN 10.03

    Post  Naria on Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:56 pm

    Grand Opening date:
    March 10, 2016

    16:00 (London) GMT+0 | 18:00 (Bucharest) GMT+2 | 19:00 (Moscow) GMT+3 | 22:00 (Philippine) GMT+6

    NariaMU was created for fun and players. The concept of Pay2Play is minimized. On this server you will find one single type of Premium account which have some small advantages and has anything directly boost related options (experience and drop). We tried to exclude to maximum the advantage of those who donate. The server is designed for players, we chose members of staff open minded, mature and who always will help you. Your suggestions will always be welcome. We are open to any discussion to improve server that aims to create a pleasant and long-lasting game. I hate talking much, thus I will leave you to enter the server and on the way to make yourself an opinion.

    Server Name: Naria MU
    Version: Season 6 Episode 3
    Server Mode: PvP
    Website: Information -
    Forum: Sign In -

    System Configuration

    Exp: x75 (x100 in weekend)
    Master Exp: x35 (x50 in weekend)
    Drop: 40%
    Reset: NO RESET!
    Max. Level = 400
    Max. Master level = 200
    Max. Item level: +15
    Max. Jewel of Life option: +16
    Max. Excellent option: 2
    Max. Excellent option(Senior Mix): 3
    Max. Socket : 3
    Max. SeedSphere level : 3(Tri)
    10 minutes in game = 1 Goblin Point
    Bless: 100%
    Soul: 50%
    Soul+luck: 75%
    Life: 50%
    Harmony: 50%
    Spots: 5-7 mob
    Elf Soldier Buff: 399 lvl
    All characters available from 1 level!

    Additional Information

    Reconnect System
    When PM gets DC, the party will not be destroyed and PM is another person in the party.
    Autoparty - Accept party while you are afk.
    MU Helper
    Custom Stores(Bless, Soul, Chaos, Wcoin, Goblin Point)
    Offstore(Bless, Soul, Chaos, Wcoin, Goblin Point) - You don't have to open next window for store.
    Custom attack and Offline attack. (you can lvl up being offline)


    Castle Siege
    Loren Deep
    Devil Square (1-7)
    Blood Castle (1-Cool
    Chaos Castle (1-7)
    Illusion Temple Event
    Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
    Golden Monster Invasion
    White Wizard Invasion
    Kalima (1-7)
    Kanturu Event
    LaCleon Event
    Dead Bone King (Lorencia)
    PVP Arena with reward for the winner.
    and more events made by Game Masters (In-game and Forums)

    Chaos Mix

    +10 = 50%
    +11 = 45%
    +12 = 40%
    +13 = 35%
    +14 = 30%
    +15 = 25%
    Dark Horse = 60%
    Dark Spirit = 60%
    Wing Lvl 1 = depends on items
    Wing Lvl 2 = depends on items
    Wing Lvl 3 = depends on items
    Condor Feather = depends on items
    Fragment of Horn(Fenrir) = 70%
    Broken Horn(Fenrir) = 50%
    Fenrir = 30%
    Fenrir(Upgrade) = depends on items

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