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    DemonuMu Customs 97d+99i Exp: 500x Drop: 50%



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    DemonuMu Customs 97d+99i Exp: 500x Drop: 50%

    Post  Demonu on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:05 am

    Server Name: DemonuMu
    Server Version: 97d+99i
    Experience: 500x
    Item Drop: 50%
    Monster HP: 100%
    Bless Bug: OFF
    Points Per Level: 5/7
    Max Stats: 32000/32767
    Maximum Level: 350
    Reset Level: 350
    Max Resets: 50
    Blood Castle Events
    Bonus Webshop Credits: Online
    Minimum Level For Creating Guild: 100
    PK Clear Cost: 10,000,000 x Number Kills
    Votes Reward: Online
    Webshop System: Online
    Clear Inventory: No
    Clear Skills: No
    Clear Stats: No

    DemonuMu 97d Join!DemonuMu Facebook!

    MuWeb Customs Full Premium:
    Trade Online Hours/Deposit Stone & Rena/New Votes Reward/Total Online Time

    Grand Opening of the server [9.1.2018 Time Romania 08:30 AM]

    BloodCastle Event Start 2 hours:
    Reward 4 Jewel of Chaos
    Reward 4 Jewel of Life
    Reward 4 Jewel of Soul

    Opportunities for success:
    Jewel Of Soul success: 99%
    Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 99%
    Jewel Of Life success: 99%
    1LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99%
    2LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99%
    Item +10 success: 99%
    Item +11 success: 99%

    Golden Monster Invasion Start 2 hours
    Noria Little Golden Dragon (Box of Heaven)
    Davias Golden Titan 10 (Taikan) (Box+2)
    Davias Golden Soldier (Just defenders)
    Lorencia Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Davias Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Noria Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Lorencia Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Davias Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Noria Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Full Atlans 15 Golden Lizard King (Box+4)
    Atlans 1/2/3 Golden Vepar (Just defenders)
    Full Tarkan 15 Golden Tantalos (Box+5)
    Tarkan 1/2 Golden Wheel (Just defenders)

    GrandReset Normal Character lvl 350 45 rst win 2500 credits
    Automatic you lose your reset your points and your stats

    Client Full 97d+99i/Anti-Hack/3DCameraMode
    Download:MEGA NZ-Download DemonuMuV5.rar

    Commands Players !!


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    New Update !

    Post  Demonu on Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:52 am

    To clarify a few things about the free bonus 8000 credits:

    I can not waste my time for nothing if you may not be a serious player

    Your account is checked from lvl/rst/grand rst and how many hours you played you will automatically receive the bonus

    A few small changes were made,Lorencia Gm Shop buy wings lvl 2 no option or luck/Box+1+2+3

    VipSystem is online buy and have 15 days exp 700x but you pay 2000 credits

    Vip Every time when you have 1 rst the server reward you automatic with 25 credits

    Buy vip and have 15 days the power to use grand reset and win 3000 credits

    Reward Players For Hard Work (HOT)!!

    Tutorial Fixed Login Server (HOT)!!

      Current date/time is Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:53 pm