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    [Mu]SunLight The Best Season 3 Server out there WITHOUT DONATE



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    [Mu]SunLight The Best Season 3 Server out there WITHOUT DONATE

    Post  antimersy on Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:50 pm

    SunLight Mu Server GRAND OPENING:
    6.March 17:00 (GMT+2)
    (Free 100 Gems"W-Coin" )

    We offer you to play in SunLight Mu server with very interesting gameplay and fully working events, where drop is balanced and all classes are balanced.Server is hosted in Latvia, in one of the biggest data center in the Latvia with DDOS protection, so we offer to you 24/7 stable online and playing without lags and disconnect, Join Us NOW !
    Our Server running on Min Donate Model its means then you will not see anyone with FO ITEMS
    and we disabled Webshop and allowed people sell items in Website Market,how do you earn credit?
    Its easy you need vote for server and invite friends into server.
    For Extra Credits to earn you can contact with Owner and show a screenshot then you invited people
    into server.(Skype - mareeks96321)

    Season 3 Episode 1!
    Drop Rate: 40x
    Reset System
    Save Stats after Reset: NO
    After Reset you get 700 Points
    Spots in all map(Stadium Disabled)

    PVP Balanced

    Long Term (24/7 uptime)

    Dedicated hosting with 10gbs upload
    High level of DDoS mitigation to ensure a stable server base
    IGC Network premium files
    24/7 Customer Support

    Events such as Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Blood Castle, Nightmare events enabled the winning player to obtain a certain amount of Jewels.
    Killing bosses such as Selupan, Medusa, Erohim, you will also be able to obtain EXE ITEMS.
    - Devil Square
    - Blood Castle
    - Chaos Castle
    - Golden Invasion
    - Red Dragon Invasion
    - White Wizard Invasion
    - Kalima
    - CryWolf
    - Castle Siege
    - Kanturu
    - Refer a Friend(Skype one)
    - Daily GM Events
    - And More!
    (More information on events can be found on the Events page on our website)

    You will find basic gear +6+4+L up to Guardian/Dragon/Legendary

    Drop Rate:


    Silver Medal - Low drop rate, will drop normal items +4-+7 (with a 50% chance of +Luck) or jewels
    Gold Medla - Low drop rate, will drop normal items +4-+7 (with a 50% chance of +Luck) or jewels
    Heaven Box - Low drop rate, will drop jewels

    Custom(Hidden) Spots in all map

    PVP Balanced

    Jewel Rates:

    Jewel of Bless - 100%
    Jewel of Soul (Item with no Luck) - 50%
    Jewel of Soul (Item with Luck) - 75%
    Jewel of Life - 65%

    Chaos Machine rate:

    +10 = 65%
    +11 = 60%
    +12 = 45%
    +13 = 35%
    Items with +Luck = 20% Extra

    Website: News - Mu Sun Light
    Register: Register - Mu Sun Light
    Facebook: Facebook
    Download: Download - Mu Sun Light


    Video Trailer:

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